• Zanna Johns

Self improvement gone awry

Doing things in moderation is not my strong point. I'm generally an all or nothing kind of girl.

That way of thinking is causing problems with my self-improvement efforts because true change does not happen overnight. I can’t save a ton of money overnight. Can’t get into shape overnight.

I write fiction novels that I put on Amazon Kindle. As much as I wanted to be an overnight success, it just didn’t happen. It certainly wasn’t due to lack of effort. I nearly efforted myself to death!

Whether it’s saving money, weight loss or writing success, I want it to happen instantly as if by magic. I know without a shadow of a doubt that things don’t work that way. And still I try to make them happen.

The only thing I’ve done is worn myself out and made it more difficult to reach my goals. This really hit home this evening as I sat on my couch watching YouTube videos.

I realized that I watch so many videos about improving my writing that it leaves little time to do any. Talk about defeating my purpose!

If I’m not watching writing videos (or ones with cute baby pandas!), I’m watching videos that focus on spirituality and manifesting the life I want. Those videos stress the importance of meditation in achieving my goals. But like with writing, I have no time to meditate because I'm on YouTube so much.

Basically, I’m gaining lots of knowledge but not putting much of it into practice. So as of this moment, I’m on a YouTube diet—no more than an hour of videos a day. Well, maybe an hour and a half. Definitely no more than two.

I’ll watch one video a day on writing and another on spirituality. I’ll wrap up my allotted YouTube time with a few videos of cute, cuddly pandas. That plan seems very doable, even for someone who’s not a fan of moderation.

I must get this right. I can’t have a site dedicated to improving my life only to make no actual progress.

Moderation is my new favorite word!


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