• Zanna Johns

My faith versus the virus

If I didn’t know better, I’d think there’s absolutely nothing going on in this world except coronavirus. It’s all over my internet home page. It’s all over the news sites I go to.

When my friend and I email each other, a third of the discussion is about the virus, even though I told her we can’t talk much about it. Constantly reading or talking about the virus is bad for my peace of mind, and I can’t have that. I would be afraid to leave home. I'd freak out every time someone coughs.

I refuse to live in fear. I will not fill every empty space in my apartment with tissue, sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. I will not buy enough groceries to last three months—even if they could fit in my tiny freezer.

I’m not saying this isn’t a serious situation. I’m trying to do my part to keep well so I don’t get the virus and possibly pass it on to others. I am taking the necessary precautions—washing my hands often and sanitizing them when I can’t, staying home more to avoid crowds, and limiting my contact with surfaces when in public.

Doing those things is no real hardship. I’m an introvert and have no desire to be around others.  I’ve been carrying wipes and sanitizer in my purse for years. I use them often because I see people do some nasty things when I’m out and about.

Those precautions alone won’t keep me 100% safe. And so I rely on the promises of Psalm 91 to get me through this. The psalm states that diseases cannot come near me. I choose to trust that promise. It has provided a lot of comfort to me.

I go out about my daily business knowing that God’s got my back. He’s more powerful than any virus will ever be.


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