• Zanna Johns

A surprising spiritual journey, part II

I’ve been laughing a lot lately. Genuine, happy laughter. That doesn’t sound like anything special, certainly not a topic for a blog post. But for me, this is a big deal.

Yesterday, as I was laughing at something silly on TV, I realized that I’m mostly happy these days. I haven’t truly been happy in a long time.  When I look back over the past couple of decades (made myself sound old there!), I realize that I spent most of that time down in the dumps.

I was often unhappy due to finances, health issues or having a job I disliked. Life wasn’t all bad, and I had a good day here and there, but I was not happy overall. And now I am.

How did this amazing change come about? Mostly by watching one YouTube video after another on speaking positive things about my life and imagining good things coming to me. The videos warn against dwelling on negative thoughts and being jealous or spiteful regarding others.

This is not new information to me. I grew up going to church. I (sometimes) read my Bible which warns us to be careful of our words and to treat people right and not be envious of others.

In addition to the YouTube videos, I’ve been watching TV ministers who tell people how to live happy lives.

For the past year or so, I’ve been putting what I watch and read into practice, and the results have been pretty good. For instance, a common theme in the YouTube videos is that if you change the way you view and think about others, they will change how they behave toward you. That bit of advice has brought about some great improvements in my life.

There were some people that I dreaded seeing at work. I deliberately started mentally wishing them well—even though I didn’t want to! My interaction with those people is so much better than it used to be. We chat and laugh with each other. This has made work a more pleasant place for me.

A lot of the videos I watch—from pastors and YouTubers—tell sick people to imagine themselves as being well. The Bible also tells the weak to say they’re strong. I started putting this into practice. I took my focus off my ailments and started talking about how good I feel and began imagining myself as healed. One day, it hit me that some of the pain I’d been having had significantly decreased.

So yes, I’m pretty happy these days as I’ve taken deliberate steps based on the messages from pastors and YouTubers (and the Bible, of course). My finances aren’t where I want them to be, but I’m expecting that big lottery win any day now! Or maybe my debt will go away as if by magic. That works, too. It would certainly give me something to smile about!


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