• Zanna Johns

A lazy woman’s fitness plan

This morning, I exercised for the first time in months.

I popped out of bed and put on a pot of coffee. Then, feeling youthful and energetic, I rolled out my exercise mat in front of the TV. I went to YouTube and pulled up a yoga video I’d saved.

The video’s description included the words beginner, relaxing and gentle – perfect for getting back into exercising. On top of that, it was only twelve minutes long.

Turned out to be the longest twelve minutes of my life.

The description was right – it was a gentle work out. Apparently, I need something a level below that. The muscles in my arms were screaming, because there's no such thing as a gentle plank pose.

But I managed to make it through the whole workout. I was impressed with myself. I celebrated my success with a big pile of junk food.

I've saved five different YouTube videos for my fitness plan. Monday, Wednesday and Friday will be aerobics. Tuesday and Thursday, I'll do yoga.

There is not one video in the group longer than 15 minutes because I am easing into this new fitness plan. When I get to the point where doing these videos is easy, I’ll replace them with some in the 20 to 25 minute range.

I’m not totally committed to exercising daily. In fact, I skipped yesterday – the first day of my program. I don’t want to make this feel like a chore, like something I must do. My hope is that if I’m easy and flexible about this, I’ll actually want to do it.

Yesterday, I watched a YouTube video featuring Ernestine Shepherd, a woman who won body building competitions at 81. I thought to myself, “I want to be like her.”

I’m not going to get to that point with my lazy woman’s approach to getting into shape. It’s going to take a whole new level of determination to look like Ernestine. But I can do it. I love a challenge…sometimes.


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